Hello everybody!

This is our final project for the module of Engineering Design II, and it is so nice and fun - we are making our own Rube Goldberg machine! { Guest Starring, the Elegoo Tumbller Robot }

Ideas for the Rube Goldberg Machine

Named after an American cartoonist and inventor, the Rube Goldberg machine is an ensemble of chain-reactions, where each distinct action is responsible for triggering the initiation of the next, and so on. The elements of the machine are designed to collectively perform a very simple task, in a complex and entertaining way.

Rube Goldberg and his ideas !

Consistent with the Covid-19 theme, the initial vision was for…

Hey Guys! So this is the final project we have been waiting for - our Elegoo Tumbller Robot navigating the Obstacle Course!!

Little disclaimer before we begin though : I tried my best within my capabilities - there are many many other ways to improve upon the written Code which will further enhance the Robot’s manoeuvres through the course !

Step 1

As we were provided with the schematic of the obstacle course, I set it up in person, and using arrows, I established a series of movements in their respective directions - required to reach the Ball Collection Zone, and subsequently…

After reviewing my old Blog Post with several ideas for a Ping-Pong Ball Launcher, it seems like I was really not thinking the right things so far and therefore I got nowhere ! But it’s fine we are coming up with something now …

{{ Professor McGinn, Thank You for showing me your idea, I am so sorry that I have now stolen it - why I couldn’t come up with something so simple will always be a mystery to me, however we will move on and make the most of our idea…}}

The items I used were some empty…

Heyo guys! The Robot is now assembled, little Arduino Codes have been written and tested on her to ensure proper functionality and the big Code needed to navigate the Obstacle Course is not far from completion .… (to the best of my ability).

The final jobs that await are constructing the ‘Obstacle Course’ and adding a little container on the Robot for collecting the Ping-Pong balls ! [So SO grateful that the Obstacle Course is more resemblant of a maze, as in retrospect - overcoming actual obstacles would have proven to be rather challenging …]

The schematic provided to us…

The Robot Unable to Stand Up When Stationary

Although the Elegoo Tumblerr Robot is advertised to be ‘Self-Balancing’, she is in fact quite unsteady and tends to tumble and topple over as she gains momentum in motion.

On account of her instability, I have designed a versatile support mechanism to be attached onto her, that can help with the provision of the further stability needed to precisely manoeuvre the upcoming obstacle course!

Stabilising Mechanism Options

Among the array of potential implementable designs are omni-wheels and caster wheels. Since the integral wheels of the Robot are independently driven and controlled by two DC motors (Differential Drive Motion), it is inessential for…

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog !

As it is known, the Tumbller Robot is the centrepiece of the series of projects I have been devoting myself to for the module of Engineering Design, therefore on this glorious and full-of-sunshine Easter weekend, I assembled and put life into my little Robot ! ツ


The components of the Tumbller Robot are remarkably packed and labelled within the box, with a Handbook of comprehensive instructions to guide us along the entirety of the assembly and operational procedure with pictorial illustrations !

Components of the Elegoo Tumbller Robot V1.0

Before we begin…

A valuable thing I recalled from…

Hey guys! Upon the completion of Task 1 : Modelling the Elegoo Tumbler Robot on Solid-Works, we must begin Task 2 : Designing our very own Ping-Pong Ball Launching Machine !

I have breathed life into the Robot, she is assembled (YAY 〜 blog coming soon!) and is awaiting to be programmed via Arduino to be able to manoeuvre a simple obstacle course autonomously.

The Ping Pong Ball Launcher awaits at the end of the obstacle course, and our Robot must catch the greatest number of ping-pong balls launched within 20 seconds, before leaving the course !

Schematic of the Task at Hand! (Dimensional Constraints also illustrated)

✰ The Ping…

Hello Everybody! Since we had last met, I have been gently working away on my Solid-Works Robot, trying to get her glamorous for the final showcase ! Forthcoming in this blog are outlines of my newest additions ~ some tyre treads, screws and wires !

Rendered Image of Final Robot


I was wholly satisfied with the features my tyre attained from the ‘Rubber Tyre’ Appearance on Solid-Works, but following my extensive search of wheel rim tutorials on YouTube, I was cleverly recommended Tyre Tread designs, so I decided to make an attempt as some lockdown Friday night fun!

Begin by adding a ‘Reference Geometry’ above…

Hello everybody, thank you in joining me for Engineering Design II blog post #2, all about the process of modelling the Tumbller Robot on a computer aided design software like Solid-Works !

Solid-Works is an incredible software and the possibilities are limitless, so we will be seeing successive posts as I continue to make a consistent effort in beautifying my existing model (and as I build on my skill and proficiency!)

Step 1 ~ Preparation

As starting point, I made use of the plentiful Elegoo Tumbller Robot resources available on the internet to make a product structure of the constituting components required to build…

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my blog where I will be writing all about my journey through the module of ‘Engineering Design II’ !

I am in Year 3 of Engineering with Management @ Trinity College Dublin ! It is so challenging but equally as rewarding, and I am very lucky to have made a wonderful group engineer friends who are all smart cookies — we motivate, inspire and help each other out!

What To Expect!

Over the course of the following weeks, I will be working with an Elegoo Tumbller Robot : Assembling it, Modelling it on a CAD Software like Solidworks and…

Arna Roy

Engineering with Management student at Trinity College Dublin. Blogs about my module of Engineering Design ! instagram.com/engineering.arna

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